About Carbon X™ Fishing Rods

Carbon X rods was started in 2007 by Company Founder David Gray. The Carbon X project objective was to build rods to the highest standards of fishing performance and to manufacture them in the USA.   

In 2007 David began to develop the concepts for each Carbon X rod model. David combined his years of experience in the fishing tackle industry with the knowledge of many anglers across North America, including BASS Elite anglers and FLW Outdoors Pro Anglers, Professional Guides, local tournament anglers and tackle industry leaders. David asked one question. What do you want your rods to do that they don’t do now? The answers began product development goals for each rod model. Then the combined knowledge and input from these many anglers became  the design and performance specifications of each Carbon X rod model. Each rod model is the result of input from these anglers. The requirements of those anglers resulted in lighter, more powerful, more sensitive rods delivering greater rod feel and sensitivity. The process resulted in Carbon X rods that substantially raise the bar of performance for high performance rods.

Carbon X rod models are developed one at a time and are as individual as the fishing techniques and fishing tasks they are designed for. Developing the blanks and rods one a time ensures that each rod model produceddelivers greater fishing performance than other rod brands. Every rod is built in the USA. Carbon X blanks are built in the USA using graphite and carbon fiber produced in the USA.

Design Features include:
AFD - Action Forward Design
In most models we have moved the action forward and the reel seat back to put more of the rod where you can use it to cast and fish with. This makes a shorter rear grip which no longer hangs in clothing and bruises while giving a performance advantage of 2 to 4 more inches of rod length to the angler in the same length rod.    

VBT - Variable Blank and Hoop Taper
Varying the blank taper rather than using a constant taper delivers the greatest hoop strength thru out the entire blank length. Varying the Hoop diameter also allows greater rod strength and contributes to greater sensitivity. This is a more difficult blank design to manufacture but provides increases in action transition zone strength and greatly enhances sensitivity. 

We are as passionate about building a true high performance rod as we are about our fishing. Our goal is to build a better rod that is truly a better fishing tool.  Each rod model developed is extensively fished all over North America before it is released to full production. We test, test, test every rod model under actual fishing conditions using it where and how our customers fish. This is our final performance quality test and is our assurance that we are offering you a rod model that is not only the best you can buy but delivers the highest level of fishing performance.

Carbon X™ Rods

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