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Creativity and innovation in fishing tackle has always started with an individual angler whose passion for the sport drives them to come up with a better idea for the tackle they use. Over the years development of new materials and manufacturing processes has provided the technical components needed to support new fishing product ideas, but the ideas always seem to come from some angler out pursing their passion for the sport.

When we set out to develop a fishing rod that would raise the bar of performance our first job was to talk to many individual anglers all over North America. We asked them one question. What do you want your fishing rods to do that they don’t do now?  We talked with weekend anglers, tournament anglers, Guides, Walmart FLW Tour Pros, Forrest Wood Cup anglers, BASS Elite Pros, Bass Club members, walleye fanatics, multi species anglers, and Custom rod builders.  After all that listening we knew what the anglers here in North America wanted in increased fishing rod performance and set out to develop Carbon X rod models that would deliver higher performance and be better fishing tools.

 During development of Carbon X rods, the challenge was to build a rod that was a better fishing tool and delivered the greater fishing performance anglers wanted. This led us to developed Action Forward Design which gives a substantial increase in rod performance. Action Forward Design is being introduced on all of the new Carbon X rod models.  

Our rods deliver an impressive increase in fishing performance in two ways. First, with our Action Forward Design we put more of the rod to work for the angler by putting more of the blank where you can use it and that is in front of your hand.  Then we combined the Action Forward Design concept with blanks that specifically delivered the performance promise of the Action Forward Design to maximize on the water fishing performance of the rods.

Casting or retrieving, Action Forward Design gives you advantage by having more of the rod length in front of the reel seat.  A fishing rod is a leverage tool and the longer it is in front of your hand the more performance it gives you. The Action Forward Design puts 2 to 6 inches of  

additional rod length, as compared to other rods, in front of the reel where it will fish and work for you. Most rod brand models use 10 to 12 inch rear grips on their 7foot long casting rods while the Carbon X Action Forward Design utilizes 8 ¼ inch rear grips on 7ft. casting models. This allows us to have 2 or more inches of the rod in front of the reel seat and at the tip of the rod as compared to other brands. The Carbon X 7ft rod has a 2in length performance advantage to the competitors same overall 7ft. length rod.  Combined with our high performance modulus blanks the Carbon X rod delivers an impressive increase in rod performance.     

When you compare our 7ft. casting models with another rod brand that is 7ft. 3in. and has a 12 inch rear grip the performance advantage to the Carbon X is incredible. The Carbon X 7ft.  casting rods put 3 ¾ inches more rod in front of the reel and are 25% lighter than the 7ft. 3in. competitor’s model.  Our 7ft rod outperforms the competitors 7ft 3in. rod. 

Our spinning rod models that use Carbon X Action Forward Design have similar configurations. Blank tapers and actions using graphite modulus patterns that when combined with moving the rod action forward produces a substantial increase in fishing performance.

Carbon X Rods are manufactured in the USA. Carbon X blanks are built using the highest grades of graphite produced in the USA.       

In developing high performance rod models we believe Carbon X has a communication advantage when compared to overseas rod factories.  We don’t mean these factories speak in a foreign language, we mean their products don’t always reflect that they understand the communication when a walleye angler stepping off a floatplane in Canada says what action he wants in a walleye rod, or a tournament angler pitching soft plastics into flooded timber at Falcon Lake, Texas says what he wants in a rod, or an angler working docks at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri says what he wants in a rod. At Carbon X we understand all that communication, and we not only understand it we love that kind of talk.

Good luck with your Fishing,
Carbon X™ Fishing Rods

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