Carbon X™ Rod Model Information

Carbon X rods are quality built in the USA using premium materials and components.  Some models use both SM and IM graphite in patterns and blends that deliver the superior action and fishing performance desired from each individual rod.  Our C3, C4, C5, C7, C14, C15, S14, S15, S18, models use higher modulus IM and HM graphite to enhance and deliver higher performance fishing rods.  Carbon X rods are manufactured with high quality consistent grade graphite using the best resin systems. We use high strain rate graphite with very good elongation qualities and the blends of modulus required to produce superior rod performance in each individual rod action.

All Carbon X rods use patterns of graphite, not just one piece of graphite. How the patterns are cut and rolled along with the modulus of the graphite have great effect on the action and performance of the rod. Other factors that affect the fishing performance of the rod blank are diameter, hoop size, wall thickness and blank taper. We combine and use all of these factors when designing rods to produce exceptional fishing performance.  

Every Carbon X rod has a model number.  The first letter of the model number designates it as a casting or spinning rod.   The number in the model designation identifies the individual rod. We have a description and information about each rod on the Carbon X website. 

On each rod we put the action power and length.    We do not put a line or lure weight rating on our rods. We do not want to rate a rod for 10lb. line and make an angler think they cannot use 8lb. line on that rod. Some of our rod model descriptions on our products page do share the most commonly used line weights, but line and lure weight usage is for the individual angler to decide based on their fishing application.  Carbon X rods handle multiple line types and weights well.

Currently we do not produce painted or colored blanks because it does not add to the performance of the rod.   Painting or coloring a blank adds manufacturing cost and we prefer to keep those costs in the quality of graphite we use rather than in paint.  Carbon X rods are made with a singular purpose, to deliver higher fishing performance that helps catch fish.


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